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480 Custom series - rebirth
Since the very first hull emerged out of the NT Unique shed we have always strive to build a better hull. Whether that be changes to the hull design, bolt on items, to making certain additional add on's as standard.
Our 480 has come along way since it's first design, so we have decided to give it an entire rebirth, incorporating all the ideas that have made the hulls the success they are today. Pic's will slowly be added into the 480 page, some are there now, as well as some of the updated specifications.

New trailer suspension is a success!

The new Timbren suspension is proving to be a success for the harsh N.T environment, with initial testing of the Axle Less system over we are extremely happy with the results and are now fitting the Timbren range as a standard specification for our Smooth Rider trailers.

With more stock rolling in we are starting to branch out into their Tandam Silent ride, and single Silent ride versions. For those that are interested in having a look, go to: 

And :


Boat Modifications


Common Modifications done are:

  • Raised cast decks
  • Consoles
  • Minn Kota mounts
  • Handrails and bollards
  • Electrical Fitout
  • Live bait tanks

These are just a few of the common modifications we do, if it's not listed talk to us about your design and we will work with you to achive the changes you desire.



Stessco 420- Raised cast deck to allow a 110ltr esky to fit under deck, and a underfloor 85ltr tank

111125083739_Stessco_420 111125083739_Stessco_420-3 111125083739_Stessco_420-2


Blue Fin 450- Raised alloy cast deck, replace wooden floor with alloy & re-carpet complete

111104023350_Bluefin450-3 111104023350_Bluefin450-2 111104023350_Bluefin450-1

Blue Fin 450- Bow mount electric motor mount

Mako 475- Front cast deck, storage step, 90ltr underfloor tank
Custom consoles
131218015134_NT_Unique_custom_console3 131218015134_NT_Unique_custom_console2 131218015134_NT_Unique_Custom_console